NYI Solutions / Dedicated Servers

We hold your hand.  Let us help manage your servers

Scaled to fit your business

Not ready to make a big investment in hardware? Just need to scale up quickly? We can help. A dedicated server from NYI gives you the flexibility to quickly scale up or down. It’s not uncommon for a boutique online retailer to add capacity during the Q4 shopping season and return to their standard solution afterwards. Similarly, when an online broadcaster plans a major live event, they need to prepare for the spike but then return to business as usual. We can support these types of scenarios and more.

Tell us what you need. Whether it’s a blend of dedicated servers, colo or cloud we will help you customize a configuration that will grow with you and make sense financially.

Let NYI take care of system requirements, connectivity and bandwidth concerns. You get the same 24/7 support, controlled environment, redundancy, security and amenities of colocation – without the responsibilities of ownership.

Customize Your Solution